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Time & Attendance

We provide complete range of biometric time attendance and access control products inorder to enhance security . Our various product lines features the latest technologies in time and attendance systems , backed by our excellent technical support .

  • Maintains the highest level of quality and reliability, not to mention the most robust employee time and attendance tracking terminal.
  • Biometric option eliminates costly buddy-punching.
  • Eight programmable function keys
  • Optional power-over-Ethernet module,transmissivecolor LCD ,GSM/GPRS modem,WiFi802.11 b/g WPA2
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Field-upgradeable
  • The terminal reduces HR administration by delegating tasks such as holiday requests and rota collaboration to staff, while keeping teams informed with corporate videos.
  • Quick and easy installation; reducing the time and cost associated with sending skilled personnel to a site.
  • Increase memory on the terminal instantly with the addition of an SD memory card.
  • Reduce the time and cost associated sending skilled personnel to a site when additional functionality is needed, by using the Assist IT platform.
ievo ultimate
  • Multispectral imaging technology
  • 10000+ fingerprint capacity.
  • Spoof and vandal resistant.
  • Harsh external and internal use.
ievo micro
  • Superior optical sensor
  • 10000+ fingerprint capacity.
  • Enhanced scanning performance.
  • Internal use.
SuperGLASS 7
  • Capacitive touch screen display.
  • Ready to use device,thanks to the embedded T&A and access control application.
  • Fully configurable and manageable via web and compatible with the range of Zucchetti Axess X1,X2 readers.
  • Fully programmable in .Net Microsoft to meet any data collection need.
  • Server/client FTP connection for the automatic transfer of files to and from a server.
  • Multimedia functions: VOIP with video,playing of audio files,Text to Speech,video streaming on the web.
  • Long-life battery for operation during power outage.
SuperGLASS 4
  • Optional internal WiFi module.
  • Capacitive touch screen display.
  • Ready to use thanks to integrated time and attendance and access control application(Web Table Editor)
  • It can be configured and managed via WEB by means of standard and safe communication protocols(HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,SFTP)
  • Integrated FTP server and client with possibility to automatically transfer the transactions to a server for importing them into third party programmes.
  • External USB port to download timestamps (It can be used for password protected stand-alone systems)