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Beyond Queuing

Improve customer waiting periods and staff productivity

General Features
  • Centralized multi-branch customer flow management system.
  • Manage multiple branches from a central location using a web based administration interface.
  • Touch-screen kiosk for ticket issuing. Available in free-standing or table top models.
  • Web based soft keypad (Supports PC, tablets and mobile ).
  • LCD counter display with rich text and graphics, Wired or Wireless, Android based controller.
  • Call token numbers (Play sound) in multiple languages.
  • Large LCD Queues status and advertisement display.
  • System usage and performance dashboard and Reports from the centralized web module
  • Supports integration with external systems (Optional).
  • Secure with user credentials, privileges.
  • Email or SMS notification (customer alerts/notifications, system technical/performance alerts or notifications)- (Optional.)
  • Mobile application for customers to book appointment, book ticket, and locate branches etc.

  • General Features

    Touch Screen Kiosk
    Interface in multiple language and fully customizable.
    Supports soft keypad or physical keyboard.
    Dynamic queue menus as per the virtual queues definition
    Multi level queue or service hierarchy
    Identify customer.Provision for reading the customer's id cards,bank atm ,credit or debit cards.
    Supports barcode reading(read application number or any reference number)
    Supports large paper rolls that can issue around 2000 tickets per roll.
    Print tickets with token number and other details such as Organisation name and logo Branch Name Date and time Token Number Queue/Service name Number of people waiting in the queue Last served ticket number Id or other card number Machine Id
    Kiosk linked to central database through local network
    Advertisement display while idle.
    Provision to set working hours to issue tickets or stop issuing whent the queue waiting exceeds a threshold value.
    Provision to place kiosks in in-service or out-service from central control unit.

  • General Features
    User friendly counter application for ticket management Call Next,skip the ticket,mark as served,call a specific ticket,hold and recall ticket,repeat call,transfer or change the queue(Wrongly selected service/queue),see the list of tokens served or skipped with full details
    Web and windows based
    Integration components to integrate with customer service or other customer applications
    View customer details (required service ,time taken issues,waiting time etc)
    Secure counter user authentication
    Display the called token number in the counter LCD screen
    Customizable LCD display content
    Display status message such as Open/Ready,Serving,Closed etc
    Provision for defining priority counters to serve priority queues /services/customers

  • General Features
    Centralized display to show the recent numbers called against counter
    Provision to display the currently serving numbers on each counter
    Provision to change the design and theme
    Provision to play advertisement contents(images,videos,tv or other files)
    Support scrolling messages multiple languages
    Play sound in multiple languages
    Display the queue status (total waiting,average waiting time,average serving time),tickets expected to call next

  • Features
    Web based administration and reporting module with following features:Define branches,Define services,Define queues (menus on the ticketing kiosk) with token ranges,Define counters,Define counter users,Manage queues to be served on counters,queue/counter priority etc.,Define working hours,Define other queuing related business rules
    Dashboard that shows live status of total number of tickets waiting per queue ,average waiting time and serving time
    Detailed and summary reports of queue tickets issued and served per branch and queue.
    Statistical and performance reports based on branch ,service/queue,counter user.
    Option for email or SMS integration for notification
    Kiosk status monitor.Ticket paper roll status (low paper/no paper)notifications
    Put the kiosk in in-service or out of service from central location