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Stride 80

The stride®80 biometric time clock with Facial Recognition delivers on the promise of providing a more hygienic, user-friendly, and money-saving time clock system.

Key Features include
  • Fully integrates with your application or ATS’ TimeCollect.
  • Includes comprehensive SDK and API documentation that allows for fast Integration.
  • Delivers quick facial recognition results with a low failure rate.
  • Intelligently adapts user templates through sustained use.
  • ATS provides ongoing support and delivers secure remote software updates.

  • Increases staff and workers’ safety.
  • Eliminates the complexities and costs associated with managing employee credentials.
  • Delivers a more accurate payroll, cutting administrative costs.
  • Significantly reduces buddy punching and time theft.
  • Has no known template capacity limitations on the stride80.
  • The User Interface, IDassist, accurately guides users during enrollment or regular use.