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A fast, reliable, highly accurate biometric finger scanner with USB connection, AccuTouchUSB utilizes a unique multispectral technology that is up to 20% more reliable than conventional methods. Multispectral imaging reads the capillary structure under the skin as well as certain data points found on the fingerprint. It then weaves those two data sets into a single highly accurate template that represents the user. Each time the user places their finger on the AccuTouchUSB it is immediately compared accurately to their stored template.

Advantages of AccuTouch USB

Works with desktops, laptops, tablets, point-of-sale equipment, and other devices with a USB connection.

It can act as a biometric reader for your PC-based time & attendance application or access control system.

Convenient enrollment station for other biometric devices.

Almost everyone’s finger can be read by the AccuTouchUSB even those that are problematic for other biometric readers.

Finger bridge ensures proper finger placement every time.

You can also replace computer passwords with finger scans, and eliminate the trouble of badges, card keys, and fobs.

Multispectral imaging is the best finger scanning biometric in normal and challenging applications. Dirt, oils, moisture, and weather conditions have no effect on the reading.